Coating: AlTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride)

Ideal for high temperature cutting operations in many materials such as titanium and nickel alloys, Co-Cr-Mo, stainless steels, alloy steels and cast irons. When exposed to high temperature it forms a hard aluminum oxide layer.

As temperatures increase, the coating insulates the tool and rejects heat into chips.

  • Very tough coating that will hold up in heavy and interrupted cuts.
  • Ideal for smaller depths of cut and excels in high speed and dry machining applications and when machining hardened steel.
Unit of Measure

Units Per Package

N/A 1

Mill Diameter

N/A 1/4"

Shank Diameter

N/A 1/4"

Length of Cut

N/A 3/4"

Overall Length

N/A 2-1/2"